Monday, October 1, 2012

"RG3, Morris, Unbelievable!!"

By Joshua Dent

One drives a ’91 Mazda.

One developed his own brand name before taking a snap in the NFL.

One went to Florida Atlantic.

One was one of the most highly talked about Heisman Trophy winners of all time.

One was doubted for his ability to compete in the NFL due to a lack of speed

One was a world class sprinter before entering the NFL.

What does this above-mentioned list sound like to you?  Most people would anticipate that this was a comparison between a star and a dud in the NFL.

This happens to be some of the more deep and personal characteristics of the Redskin’s two most promising offensive players.

This list of direct contradictions is what draws so many of us to the TV every Sunday for 3 hours with our game jerseys on.

We, as football fans, absolutely love a story like this. Nobody in their right mind would have told you Alfred Morris would be the starting running back this year for the Washington Redskins.

Alfred gives all of us that go to work on Monday morning in some lousy office job we can’t stand, HOPE. He proves to us week after week that hard work and determination can elevate any man to greatness.

We watched Williams absolutely devastate the defense for four quarters. My favorite Morris stat was mentioned in the third quarter. He had a studly 61 yards after contact already at that point.

And this RG3 guy, he is not so bad also. Huh??

I really like the way these two come from two completely different worlds and backgrounds. None of it makes a damn bit of difference on Sunday.

I also can’t help but think with RG3 being so impressive in doing some of the little things that this former Sears delivery man (Morris) inspires RG3 to be even greater than he already is.

Nobody has doubted Griffin’s toughness this year. No play was more evident than when he got body-slammed in the second quarter. There was no griping, or groaning from RG3. He simply got up and cheered the 15 yard pentalty.

RG3 also had a remarkable 4 forced offsides penalties on Tampa Bay’s defense. It is just a little thing that reminded me of Morris in a way always fighting for extra yards.

In normal terms, these two should be walking on different planets. However, it has been a true joy to watch them develop and prosper together in this young NFL season.

I am a realist. I know this isn’t the year for the Skins to win the Super Bowl. But, I can’t help but think these two are leading us in the right direction for the first time in a LONG, LONG, time.

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