Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“RG3, Morris, 8 Other Reasons to be Thankful to Be A Skins Fan in 2012”

By Joshua Dent

I can not say it enough. This will NOT be the year of the Redskins. But, it is definitely an exciting time in our franchise. We have an offense that can pound it out, throw the ball, and our defense even shows occasional signs of life.

As a Redskins fan, here are 10 reasons to be thankful about this season:

Kerrigan- The start of the Landover Leap. Is it the beginning of an era? I personally hope not since it would be completely ripping of the Packers. But, how awesome has this guy been in the absence of pro-bowler Orakpo. He is a brute force that is manhandling the double-team this year.

Reed Doughty- 13 tackles and 0 interceptions is hardly probowl numbers for Doughty. But, in the absence of Brandon Merriweather who was our one marquee pickup on defense this off season, you can’t help but get the feeling that the team is just better on defense when he is around. He is just plain and simple “Mr. Reliable.”

A Healthy Brandon Banks- I will be the first to admit that I totally bagged on this guy during the preseason. I was tired of the Brandon Banks yearly saga of should he make the team or not. At a sleek 150 pounds, this is the first year that he is staying healthy. He is showing that he belongs in the NFL.

Sidelined Sexy Rexy- “ Good Rex,” or “ Bad Rex,” you literally had NO idea what you would get out of that gay from play to play the last 2 seasons. It was my worst nightmare come true when he signed with the Skins. I used to make fun of him and the Chicago Bears fans so bad when they had their miraculous Super Bowl run with Sexy Rexy at the helm.

Trent Williams- The O-line was one of the most speculative of units coming into the season. It showed quickly when he was out for about a game and a half with injury. Alfred Morris went over 100 yards in the 3rd quarter last week. Needless to say, we know who anchors that group.

Offense- I have been a Redskins fan since the early 80’s. It doesn’t matter if I suited up with Redskin PJ’s or “Official Game Jerseys” over the years. Without even looking at the stats, I do not think we have had an offense nearly this explosive since the days of Mark Rypien and “The Possee” which was back in the 80’s.

Punt Protection- Two blocked punts within the first two games. That would sound would like imminent death of an era for many special teams coaches. Luckily, Danny Smith, the Redskins’ special teams coach, was able to stick around. Things look much better in that area at least for now.

Lorenzo Alexander- Many people outside of DC may never heard of, Lorenzo Alexander. He has been a staple on the kick return coverage team for the Skins for many years now.  I really appreciate the fact that he could be such a high impact player elsewhere in a defensive scheme that fits more to his playing style but still wears the burgundy and gold every year.

Alfred Morris- It’s an Eric Dickerson, It’s a  Terell Davis. Wait, wait, Ryan Torain came back from temporary retirement?? No, no. It is Alfred Morris. Welcome to the NFL fellow. He is well ahead of Terell Davis’ rookie year stats so far this year. With continued health, he can really be something special.

RG3- The Skins gambled an entire franchise on this guy. Even if he sits out this week to avoid further complications from his concussion, his early season numbers will still be way ahead of Cam Newton’s impressive rookie campaign. We have seen this guy do everything from run the option, to running up the middle this year. More importantly, he is a true leader, and a ton of fun to watch!


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