Monday, October 8, 2012

“Cundiff Must GO!!!”

By Joshua Dent

The team looks great. You are driving to go up 10-0 going into the half. That is when “It” happens.

I now refer to “It” as this debacle of an NFL player that we have making horrendous attempts at putting the pig skin in between the uprights.

I suppose his real name is Billy Cundiff. He is the former kicker for the Ravens that missed a key kick to end the Ravens’ season last year.

He was one more miss away in Tampa from never entering an NFL locker room again during the previous week.

After his game on Sunday, I almost wish he would have missed that kick and we would have lost that game just to no longer prolong the inevitable.

Go ahead and raise your right hand if you were grimacing in pain as a Redskins fan while he trotted out onto the field with the holder Sav Rocca. I know it was extremely painful for myself to watch.

So, you have to do your best as a fan and just still hope that he would actually bare down and make it like a real kicker does.

The snap goes back, and the hold, and he FREAKING shanks it again.

I don’t know how many thousands of Redskins fans would have loved to have gotten their drunken paws on that dude right about then.

Now, I could speculate for days and take either side if that kick affected the outcome of the game. I am sure you could guess since I am calling this grown man, “It”, that I think it had a major outcome on the final score.

That is besides this point.

Here is his direct quote from the press conference when asked about his own debauchery. Let’s not forget that he missed 3 out of 4 field goals the week before and is DAMN lucky to still have a job.

"You look at the final score and obviously, even if I would've made that field goal we still would've needed 4 more points,"

Well, “It”, that should pretty much solidify your future this week. That attitude is absolutely horrendous.  

I hope you made some sound investments with your money. Your playing days are OVER, ‘IT!!””

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